*He’s got a big personality, a laugh you can’t forget, and lines that your stomach can feel.

Recently Cedric the Entertainer shared some of his comedic methods with BlackVoices.com’s Wilson Morales and is looking forward to continuing his upward climb in the film world.

How do you try to stay current with what’s going on in the world as opposed to telling stories that happened in the past?

Cedric: My main thing is I try to write every week, if not every day. I try to write something that touched my funny bone, but I like to keep up with current events. I’m not a Lindsay Lohan joke person. I’m not going to talk about the people that’s always in the news with the same old things. I definitely got material on the oil spill that’s going on, I got material on the Arizona law with the racial profiling keeping the Mexicans out. I try to stay up to date and let things come to me, and that’s my approach. The audience loves big jokes. They love to see the things they know you for and want to see it live, but most of the time a comedy audience wants to be taken on a new ride almost every time. It’s a hard thing to do as a comedian, but it is the purposes of writing and staying busy, and the reason I like to stay on the road and stay performing.

Is it refreshing to do comedy since lately the films you’ve been doing you haven’t been able to show how funny you are?

Cedric: Definitely. I’ve been making some choices to do some dramatic roles, some smaller roles. It gives me that outlet, the opportunity to be who I am and not be edited by studio executives. These are the things I think are funny and the audience is here and you get that immediate response. I love that energy. Comedians who stop doing comedy usually miss that vibe that’s happening right in front of your face.

You have a couple upcoming films. Is your role in ‘Larry Crowne,’ opposite Tom Hanks, comedic or dramatic?

Cedric: It’s comedically dramatic. It’s that Tom Hanks thing he does like ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ It’s a romantic comedy, and my role is funny but done in a dramatic way ’cause that’s the way he was directing the movie. At
the same time it’s done in a very dramatic way. I definitely wanted to make my character real, but he’s just funny. It’s not really pushing towards the hard joke.

Are you acting alongside him?
Cedric: Yeah, I work with Tom and Taraji P. Henson, who plays my wife. We had a blast. Julia Roberts is in the movie, and Pam Grier, but I didn’t do anything with them. I’m mainly with Tom Hanks and Taraji in most of my

One of the things people are looking forward to is your portrayal of Ralph W. Abernathy in Lee Daniels’ next film, ‘Selma.’ Is that still going to happen?

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