*Could the so-called death of traditional Christian America in fact be a good thing … for Christians? Young Christian activists who are calling for a renewal of their faith seem to think so.

“There’s a new generation of Christians who are engaging the world in a different way, largely driven by the fact that we’re in a different context than many Christians have had to live in, in quite some time,” said Gabe Lyons, founder of Q. The website acts as a forum for people to come together and explore ideas about Christianity’s role in a modern cultural context.
“Christianity, historically, has grown when it’s been under pressure, when it’s not been in this dominant power position,” he said. “And so it’s not a bad thing for us to be in a place where it’s not just assumed that everyone’s a Christian. It forces us to go deeper, it forces us to back to our roots.”
In what some are calling “post-Evangelicalism,” a revised Christian mentality is making its way into the public forum.
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