Dr. Barbara Ross Lee

*Mocienne Petit Jackson, the woman who claims she’s the daughter of Diana Ross’ sister and Michael Jackson, suffered a major legal setback today when the woman who allegedly gave birth to her denied ever doing so.

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee tells TMZ that Mocienne “is not my daughter,” she’s “delusional” and the entire situation is just “bizarre.”

Dr. Ross-Lee says it would have been impossible for her to have conceived a baby with Michael in 1975, because she never even met Jackson.

Mocienne Petit-Jackson

Michael Jackson in a photo taken during the mid-70s. Mocienne Petit Jackson claims she was conceived in 1975.

Mocienne “was really harassing me at my office,” said Dr. Ross-Lee, adding that she eventually had to have her employer contact the police to get MPJ to stop.

Dr. Ross-Lee said she responded to one of the woman’s emails a few years ago to tell her she was mistaken and to wish her well.

Mocienne filed documents yesterday requesting a judge allow her to take a DNA test to prove she’s the King of Pop’s daughter, and therefore lay claim to part of his fortune and be granted custody of his kids.