*Rapper/actress Eve tells Sister 2 Sister magazine that her long distance relationship with a boyfriend in Ghana has come to an end.

Eve said she began dating the bachelor, Kevin (pictured above), earlier this year after ending her romance with Teodorin Nguema Obiang, the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, amid his investigation for money laundering.

Described in blogs as a wealthy and popular businessman, Kevin met Eve when she visited Ghana last year for a concert with Wyclef Jean. “We met through some mutual people that we knew and it just went from there,” she said.

Eve spent her spare time flying between the U.S. and Ghana to see Kevin, but admits the long distance and their different outlooks on life took its toll and she recently broke things off.

“I was going to Ghana for a while just because that’s where he is from. He’s an amazing man. We keep in touch every so often,” she tells Sister 2 Sister. “He was a great guy, but I knew it wasn’t right. We definitely didn’t have the same things going on in our heads, as far as what it is we wanted as a life. He pretty much was down to do whatever I wanted to do and I don’t need that, you know?”

Eve, who was previously engaged to rap producer Stevie J., confesses she’s ready to settle down and get married, but is determined to find Mr. Right first.

“I need somebody in my life that’s going to challenge me. Like, I definitely want to be priority, but I don’t want a sap,” she said.

In February, Eve’s ex-boyfriend Obiang was revealed to be under investigation by U.S. federal agents, accused of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars into America using businesses he set up in the name of his friends, including the rap star.