Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

*Floyd Mayweather passed up the deadline to fight Manny Pacquiao in November. The deadline came and went Friday. Although the day is gone and Pacquiao’s camp is moving on, if Mayweather commits within the next couple of weeks, they are willing to make it happen.

Promoter Bob Arum, revealed the news on Saturday.

“Floyd, for whatever reason, didn’t want to commit,” Arum said. According to reports from ballerstatus.com, Manny will now move on and begin exploring options for a fight against Antonio Margarito or rematch with Miguel Cotto, in November. And, Arum said they should make a decision “within the next 10 days.”

“If Floyd decides in the interim that he wants to fight Manny, that’s the fight we want,” Arum said in the conference call.

In the past, the two have had their differences including some drama about drug testing, but according to the promoter, the two have resolved those issues.

Regardless, if the match doesn’t happen, Manny has made it clear that he wants the fight to happen.

While the news will disappoint fans of the sport, Arum asked that people be easy on Mayweather because, as many know, his uncle and trainer has been enduring legal troubles in Las Vegas, which could possibly make him unavailable during what would be Floyd’s training camp if he accepts. Many believe that for this reason, Floyd has backed away from committing to any fight this year.

“I think the boxing fans are gonna be disappointed, but they have to cut Floyd Mayweather some slack,” said Arum. “We know his uncle is facing difficulties is Las Vegas courts. So, we can see the reluctance why he wouldn’t go into a fight without his trainer. … There’s always next year.”

If Pac-Man chooses to fight Margarito, they will face off in either Monterrey, Mexico or Las Vegas, otherwise if Cotto is the man, the two will go head to head at Cowboys Stadium or the MGM Grand.