*The Washington Post is reporting that Mary J. Blige’s recent announcement of being accepted into Howard University caught the school off guard — because it’s not true.

On July 2, Blige was filming a Central Park concert for “Good Morning America” when she revealed her big news during a commercial break: “I never got the chance to graduate from high school, but they gave me my honorary diploma the other day … And I got accepted into Howard University for the class of 2014,” she said. [See footage below.]

TV cameras weren’t rolling, but cell phones in the crowd captured the moment and it was posted online. The singer made a similar comment in an interview published in the New Orleans Times-Picayune the following day.

By Tuesday, video of Mary’s announcement was all over the Internet — but according to the Post blog Reliable Source, Howard found out about it the same time everyone else did…

Early Tuesday, a rep for the school declined to address Blige’s prospects at the school, noting that information about applicants and admissions is confidential. By late in the day, the university put out a statement suggesting Blige’s comments may have been somewhat premature.

They were kind about it, though, praising her “resilience and dedication” to her craft: “We encourage Ms. Blige to continue her studies and welcome her consideration of Howard University in the future. We are happy to work with Ms. Blige on completing the formal process for admission.”

A manager for Blige disputed that the singer meant to say she had been accepted.

Blige (who, as it happens, is promoting a new fragrance line these days) has taken a strong interest in education lately. Last week, she spoke at the graduation for an all-girls public school in the Bronx; she also held a fundraiser to sponsor scholarships for its top students. Earlier in June, she was the guest at an NYC schools ceremony honoring grads who beat the odds to claim their diplomas.