*Rappers always seem to be the reason for controversy these days. J. Cole is at the heart of it this time. He returned to his hometown Fayetteville, N.C. to shoot a music video for “Who Dat,” the first single off his upcoming debut album.

He recruited cheerleaders from local college, Fayetteville State University and band members from E.E. Smith High School to be the backdrop of the video. Umm… school officials weren’t too happy about that.

FSU chancellor James Anderson said the video is raunchy and sexist, according to fayobserver.com.

Superintendent Frank Till, Jr. has asked the video be removed from the Internet and TV, as it poorly reflects the schools.

“I think it was a legitimate mistake on the school’s part to let the band participate,” Till said. “[Administrators] did not know such language was going to be used and, very honestly, it probably hurts the school.”

Cole hasn’t directly responded about the comments, but his mother did say both she and her son were hurt by the backlash.

“The community that he loves so much. Jermaine has such a great love for higher education. That’s why he wanted to involve Fayetteville State.”

Nice save mom.

Watch the video for yourself … before they take it awaaaayy!! Bewarned, it’s very NSFW: