*She has an interesting, eccentric style that at times begs the question about her sexuality. But Janelle Monae cleverly pranced around the topic in a recent “Rolling Stones” interview.

She said her black and white fit is part of her “uniform.”

“I call it my ‘uniform,” she said. “My mother was a janitor and my father collected trash, so I wear a uniform too.”

When asked about her sexual preference, she said she favors androids.

“The lesbian community has tried to claim me,” Monae answered. “But I only date androids. Nothing like an android — they don’t cheat on you.”

Its seems as if the 24-year-old Kansas City native is a bit obsessed with androids. What’s up with that? In an interview in June, she also shared a few words about her favorite topic.

“I believe we will live in a world where androids will live among us and develop human characteristics and emotions,” she said. “Technology is advancing so fast that in two years, computers will have mapped out the human brain to the extent that you won’t be able to recognize the different between your mother calling to say hello and an android.”