*Apparently, producers who worked on the new Kelis album will literally work for food.

The singer told Yahoo Music that she didn’t have a record deal in place or the budget to pay the crew needed to complete her album “Flesh Tone,” so she offered to pay producers with homecooked meals.

“[I told them], ‘I just graduated from culinary school and I’m cooking a lot and I’m pregnant’,” she said. “‘You can eat. I have a studio at my house’. That’s how my album got done.”

She added that the eclectic sounds on “Flesh Tone” are the result of the spontaneous process.

“It goes from Cher to Grace Jones and then great songwriting from Coko of SWV to En Vogue. I feel like I’m a little bit of all of them,” she said.

“Flesh Tone” was released on July 6.