*When Kelly Rowland came onto the scene with Destiny’s Child, she along with her singing peers stole the hearts of thousands of teenagers, especially because they looked so much like them. For Kelly, not much has changed, so perhaps that’s the reason why she bought herself some boobs.

The singer went under the knife to transform her tween sized A cup to an upgraded (in her mind) B cup a couple of years ago.

“When I initially thought about that, I was 17 years old,” she said “That’s a ridiculous age to make a decision to do something different to your body.”

Is she trying to send a message? If so, what exactly is it?

“For me, it was waiting. That’s the message I actually had to say. When people found out about it, one person asked me and I just couldn’t lie. I didn’t feel the reason to lie.” She added:  “I’m really proud of myself that I waited. That’s 10 years I waited. That’s 10 years I was like, ‘I hate this top. It does not fit. I hate this top.”