Ralph Miller (left), President, LA County Deputy Probation Officers' Union AFSCME Local 685, Carlos Leon (center), Deputy Probation Officer Award recipient for Service to at-risk Youth and Marc Brown (right), KABC-TV News Anchor and award recipient for Responsible Journalism. Photo Credit: Jesse Avila

*Los Angeles — This year is an exceptional year for Los Angeles County Probation Officers.  It is the 65th Anniversary of The Los Angeles County Deputy Probation Officer’s Union; AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) Local 685.  

Both the City and County of Los Angeles proclaimed June 13, 2010 through June 18, 2010, as Probation Officers Week, thanking probation officers for their dedication and service to the community.

“These officers actively engage and motivate youth and adults to follow a productive path through life, helping to rebuild lives and provide for healthier and safer communities,” Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas stated.

“Probation Officers play an important role in our law enforcement and judicial systems.  They are on the front lines, handling heavy case loads and ensuring that court sanctions are followed. Their work is vital, and the city of Los Angeles recognizes the competence, dedication and accomplishments of these distinguished professionals and commend their outstanding efforts to ensure public safety to our great city,” stated Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry.

Probation officers are an important branch of law enforcement, however … defining their duties is difficult, and frequently at the foundation of why their noteworthy tasks are often mis-understood or overlooked. Their responsibilities can be described as part law enforcement, counselor and social worker. The probation department works in partnership with the LAPD, Sheriffs, Fire Department, FBI, California Department of Justice and other public safety entities to keep our communities safe.

“This year marks a period of acknowledgement and renewal,” said Ralph Miller, President of AFSCME-Local 685. “Acknowledgment of the historical contributions, bravery and dedication of the men and women who perform with integrity under difficult conditions and renewal for the Department under the leadership of a new Chief.”

According to Miller, Local 685 is working in partnership with SEIU 721, the Mexican American Correctional Officers Association, the Black Probation Officers Association, the Asian American Probation Officers Association, the Chicano Employees Association, Women Empowered, elected officials, and newly appointed Chief Donald Blevins to devise on-going evaluations of and new recommendations for improving and revitalizing the Department.




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