*Lil Wayne may be getting off with only 8 months of his year-long prison sentence. The rapper was charged with illegal possession of guns and turned himself into the police. His term began March 8, but according to MTV News, the rapper may be getting out by Nov. 4.

Despite him being locked away, it’s as if he never left. With Drake debuting at the top of Billboard charts with “Thank Me Later,” a track Wayne served as executive producer.

In fact, the good Canadian friend visited him in prison and told reporters about his experience.

“He kept looking to the window,” Drake said. “He’d look up at the window almost like he’s looking right through it. It’s frosted, so you can’t see out. I was like, ‘Why does he keep staring through the window? There’s nothing out there.’ To him, there’s a whole world moving out there that he hasn’t seen for so long.”

But that hasn’t been his only visitor. Diddy and Fat Joe took a trip to visit.

“He’s doing fairly well,” Joe told MTV News. “Way better than I thought he would be doing. He was telling me some crazy funny story about him and this older guy. They are always going back and forth with each other, arguing. To hear him say it, it’s like Archie Bunker [with this guy].”

That’s not all. Wayne will be hitting music stores and iTunes with a new album before the end of the year is out. His peers are expecting him to be hard at work once he returns, even doing a lil’ welcome back concert.

His apprentice, Jae Millz is anticipating a big return.

“That’s the day,” Millz said of the November 4 mark. “I hear when he comes home, he’s hitting the stage. I hope they let him keep his inmate uniform. He needs to come onstage with that, the whole Bruce Leroy [jail attire] and take it off and throw all the jewels on and tear it down for everyone. ‘Cause they waiting for him.”