*Another twist has surfaced in Tiger Woods’ attempt to squash a paternity scandal involving one of his mistresses. The man alleged to be the child’s real father is now insisting he never took a DNA test.

Lawyers for the golfer filed papers earlier this month to dismiss Devon James’ claims that Woods fathered her nine-year-old son, Austin, following a fling in 2001. The porn star, whose real name is Melinda Brinling, wanted the court to force Woods to take a DNA test.

Woods’ legal team had hoped to get the case thrown out after it was revealed a man named Pele Watkins took a medical test in 2002 which proved he fathered the baby.

But in a letter dated August 1, 2009 — and obtained by TMZ — Watkins, writing from prison, tells James he never took a DNA test. At one point he wrote, “They will never get DNA from me.”

He closes the letter, “I never took a DNA test but tell your mom I will fight her for messing wit [sic] me in jail.”

James is reportedly planning to file the alleged letter in response to Woods’ latest legal bid to have the case dismissed.