*According to TMZ, singer/actress Christina Milian is now saying her husband, R&B singer/producer Terius Nash a/k/a The Dream, cheated on her and she wants to vacate the divorce papers that he filed earlier this year while she was pregnant.

Milian is upset over The Dream’s claim that they were legally separated when he filed divorce documents in February, nine days before she gave birth to their daughter. She filed a legal response last week in Georgia, which claims the marriage hadn’t really ended when Nash filed the divorce documents, and they had marital relations on numerous occasions.

Milian says that if the court does grant the divorce, it shouldn’t be based on The Dream’s claim that the marriage was irretrievably broken, but because he cheated on her. TMZ is also reporting that Milian admits she signed a settlement agreement with The Dream in which both parties waved any alimony or ownership rights to the other person’s property.

However, the actress/singer claims that she only signed the documents because The Dream brought them to her when she was nine months pregnant and not really sound of mind.