*What can we say about Missy Elliot … hmm… she’s a bad mutha – shut yo mouth, she’s a creative genius, and she’s a showstopper … literally.

This past weekend at the London Wireless Music Festival, the rapper got booted off the stage after exceeding her allotted time to perform, according to aceshowbiz.com.

She appeared 20 minutes late on stage and figured she’d make up the time by going over time. Psssh … sorry Missy, but that’s not what festival organizers were thinking. In fact, they pulled the plug shortly after her segment was scheduled to end and stopped the music.

She was joined by a friendly round of boos as she walked off the stage. Her lovely response to the crowd, “(I’m the) flyest s**t in the house.”

We just love Missy.

Her next album “Block Party” is scheduled to release some time this year.