*Rapper/actor Mos Def was expected to take the starring role on a new HBO series, “Enlightened,” but recent reports are indicating that he did not reach a deal with the network before filming began last week. As a result, he was replaced by Timm Sharp, former star of “Undeclared,” a short live TV series.

“Enlightened” captures the life of a character named Amy, played by “Jurassic Park” actress Laura Dern. After living a rough life, filled with regrets and bad decisions, Amy becomes spiritually awakened. From there, life doesn’t’ really get any better.

Sharp will take the role of Amy’s boss. The series is written and directed by “School of Rock” writer Mike White. Also in the show is Luke Wilson as Amy’s drug addicted ex-husband. Despite its dark set up, the series is actually fit with lots of comedy and drama.

As for Mos Def, no word yet on what he has in the works as of yet. Fans are definitely anticipating something good after his last release, “The Ecstatic.”