*MTV sent us a statement making it clear that they did not ban Ciara’s new video for “Ride” during daytime hours, as we reported the singer stated in an interview.

“Not only have we not banned it but it is currently in rotation on-air and online with no restrictions,” said a spokesman for MTV.

Apparently, the ban is in effect on MTV’s UK network. In this Q&A with UK-based Metro Web site, the interviewer asks: “The video for ‘Ride’ has proved too saucy for daytime MTV. Does that bother you?”

Ciara responds, “It’s unfortunate because I’m very proud of the video. I have to accept their decision to only show it after 9 p.m. I had a feeling maybe they’d want to edit some bits here and there but it definitely came as a surprise when a different channel in the US banned it outright.”

Perhaps BET was the “different channel in the US?”

BET says no. The network claimed that contrary to reports, it also did not ban the video and instead offered to edit the footage, but never received a response from the star’s representatives.