*This is a comeback many of us can’t wait to fully receive. Mystical has some hot stuff brewin’ in his kitchen of musical wealth. He says he will be recruiting Lil’ Wayne and Pharrell.

“Finally. Six years, that ain’t no walk in the park,” Mystikal told MTV over the weekend. “I had a lot of time to do a lot of growing, reflecting and thinking and stuff like that,” he said, talking about the six-year sentence he served on a sexual battery and extortion charge.

He hit up the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans for a performance comeback.

“Everything is lined up for me, it’s amazing. I didn’t throw pity parties for myself [while in prison]. I knew I was too blessed to be stressed and I knew I was gonna get through it. I’m still on Jive. I still have an obligation to fulfill with them guys,” he said of his record label. “We gonna do it in a major way.”

He plans to collaborate with “Shake Ya Ass” fellow hit maker Pharrell Williams. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes have already recorded their features. Mystikal will also be getting in the studio with Mannie Fresh.

“It wasn’t no big writing sanctuary, but I was able to put some stuff together,” he said about his time locked up. “I feel like I’m doing more writing now than I did there. Y’all about to be real proud.”