*Paul Dunn, a promoter in the city of Branson, Missouri is attempting to host its first-ever hip-hop show, starring St. Louis native Nelly, but it’s not going down without a little opposition.

While there are renovations going on in the venue (the Grand Palace), the promoter has decided to host the event in the parking lot.

However, according to online reports, the city planning director, Jim Lawson, denied the promoter’s application, claiming that Dunn began promoting the concert before applying for the permit, and that the application lacked adequate parking, noise, and crowd control. It looks like it’s not going down.

“The following day that update and resubmit was used against me in a press release stating we announced this event and start of ticket sales before applying,” Dunn wrote. He will be disputing the issue.

He also commented that the concert would generate at least $500,000 for the city and has the support of the venue and the surrounding community. A petition was signed to show their support.

Dunn told reporters that 3,000 pre-sale tickets have already been sold. The concert is scheduled to go down on Aug. 21.