Kenny G

*Kenny G is back on the scene and he brought in some R&B big guns for the project. The album is called “Heart and Soul” and it features Robin Thicke and Babyface. It was released on June 29.

“When the music started to turn into an R&B feel then we thought, ‘Okay, let’s get a couple of singers that are perfect in this R&B kind of genre and yet will be complimentary to my saxophone,” Kenny G shared. He added that working on the album was like going back to high school.

The lead off single is “Fall Again” featuring Robin Thicke. Kenny G admits “Heart and Soul” was like going back to high school.

“In the inner city of Seattle, it’s very interracial. In our high school, we listened to R&B music exclusively, so when I say I’m going back to my R&B roots it sounds funny for a white guy to say that but it’s true about me.