*Despite the overuse of the theme and nearly dead sequel, “Fast and Furious” (FF) is back with a fifth rendition of the storyline and Ludacris agreed to be a part of it.

He shared the “good” news via Twitter:

“Just landed in Puerto Rico. Shooting for ‘Fast & Furious 5’ is about to be underway … Hey, it’s not my fault we r shooting part of the movie in Puerto Rico.”

After missing in action in the last two FF movies, he’s back as race host, Tej Parker, the same role he played in FF2.

But that’s not all. The fifth action packed race series also stars Tyrese, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Tego Calderon.

And of course, FF couldn’t be FF without Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. “Fast & Furious 5” is scheduled to release June 10, 2011.