*Obviously you can’t please everyone and by the likes of a piece written by a hater named Drew Magary, that’s the position that LeBron James is in.

Not that anybody cares, but Magary has declared King James the villain. In a very profane rant, he says James, who will announce his next team in an hour-long broadcast on ESPN tonight, is “a self-aggrandizing sack of sh*t, and ESPN is a bunch of pu**y-whipped enablers for giving him a free hour of airtime.”

Even James’ request to give the commercial airtime to charity isn’t changing Magary’s mind:

“That’s the most transparent use of charity for the sake of self-glorification I’ve seen since I saw some actor do it yesterday.” Magary writes, “LeBron is now the guy you openly root against. If he leaves Cleveland tomorrow night, he’ll have needlessly strung along an entire fanbase and given them the middle finger by making their breakup spectacularly public. If he stays, he’ll have spent two years cockteasing the rest of the world about going somewhere else when he probably never wanted to leave Ohio to begin with. There’s no end result [tonight] that makes LeBron a sympathetic figure.”

If you want more, read it at Deadspin.