*Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter followers got the so-called “news” Sunday night – as it was allegedly happening.

“Damn I just got in a fight with the bouncer,” the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver said to over 980,000 followers. “Them damn boxing sessions got me on point, at least the police let me keep tweetin n the car.”

Needless to say, NYPD officials did not have any details concerning the incident or the arrest. …And he does have a new VH1 show to promote. [See below.]

The first of several tweets regarding the so-called altercation took place around midnight from an unidentified club, the New York Daily News reported. Later, the “Dancing with the Stars” alum hinted that things with the cops were all worked out.

“Aww man NYPD is so awesome,” he wrote. “We are all headed to Starbucks after we drop the bouncer off at the police station for assault on me.” [First clue this could be a hoax.]

Ochocinco, who claims to have not been allowed into the club without identification, also gave a bizarre shoutout to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before returning to the club with “3 NYPD officers poppin bottles of cranberry n red bull.” [Clue #2]

“Dad everything is ok here in NY, I have the situation under control,” Ochocinco tweeted to @nflcommish. “I turned the other cheek but he kept provoking me, thanks.”

Below, a scene from Ochocinco’s VH1 reality series “The Ultimate Catch.”