*Halle Berry was spotted with her ex, Gabriel Aubry, when they flew together to South Africa this weekend. Some speculate that they are getting back together, while others take another view, believing they are staying on friendly terms for the sake of their daughter. Nahla.

Either way, Aubrey tags along on Halle’s trip to South Africa to care for Nahla during the three months that she is filming her new movie, “Dark Tide.”

The couple split earlier this year in April after four years together. The two have had custody issues over Nahla since then, but at this time, have been able to work things out for this occasion.

A source says:

“In the end, they reached an agreement. Basically Halle is going to pay Gabriel to be a kind of full-time nanny and to come to South Africa for the three months she’s there, and to be Nahla’s full-time caregiver.”

Scroll below for more photos when they landed in Cape Town:

Word is that Halle has rented out a large house in Cape Town for all of them to live in.

Hopefully things will work out well enough that they can all manage to live under one roof peacefully for the sake of Nahla.

On other Halle news, the actress will guest star on “The Simpsons” during its 22nd season in September. She will be playing herself in an episode in which Bart and Homer win their won Academy Award.