*Depending on your point of view, things are already looking bad in Black radio, and now it’s looking even worse.

That’s, because funny lady and the “dovely” Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. president, Sheryl Underwood said goodbye to the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

The comedienne not only said good-bye to her long time outlet, but said hello to the competition with the “Steve Harvey Show,” which airs in 64 markets and has more than 7 million listeners. With her move, she’s made quite a few people upset.

“She has forever burned her bridge with the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Radio One and all of its affiliate companies,” a source told BV Newswire. “Unlike LeBron James, the way she handled things were unethical and she’ll likely regret it in the long run.”
“The biggest mistake was bashing Tom on Steve’s show,” the insider continued. “That just wasn’t good form at all!”

Although folks are saying she did a dirty deed, Underwood denies that she did anything wrong.

“I was just on Steve’s show to promote the clubs I was in various cities,” she added. “Even though I am no longer a contributor to TJMS I will continue to support Tom Joyner’s Take A Loved One To The Doctor, The Virtual College Tour and HBCU’s 100%…I said as much to Oscar Joyner in a very warm phone call. This new work with Steve,” she noted, “allows me the opportunity to expand my brand into different avenues. It’s the chance of a lifetime. It was an offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

Underwood will be missed and may be hated on while she transitions. Despite hurt feelings and sad faces, she is glad she made the move. Tom Joyner released a statement that seemed fairly diplomatic.

“We love Sheryl Underwood and wish her the best in everything she does. She’s a
very funny lady.”