*Los Angeles — Stunt performers are Super Humans with extraordinary careers and talents. Imagine going to work and being set on fire, crashing cars, fighting and doing motorcycle stunts, this is a normal day at the office for stunt performers like Jwaundace (pronounced Ja-wan-dece) who’s one of Hollywood’s top black stuntwomen.

She literally sizzles on set as she’s lit on fire in the upcoming film The Fields which hits theaters 2011. She demands our attention in the national Volkswagen car crash commercials and aside from being extremely athletic, fearless and a thrill seeker at heart, Jwaundace has a Masters Degree in Psychology, is a published author, certified teacher and has most recently taken on her most important role of all, being a single Mom to her adorable son Bryce Michael who was born January 23rd.

Inspired by the birth of her son, Jwaundace started to journal her experiences and realities of being a single mom and realized the difficulties she would face in raising her child alone.

Although she had the support of her family, she felt no one understood what she was going through but soon found out there are many women who face the same struggles every day of being a single mother. Jwaundace created SingleMomToBe.com as a platform for women who need the support of others who are facing some of her same challenges.

The site is a virtual circle of friendship and support for those who feel alone, scared and unsure of their direction in life before and during the birth of their child.

“I wanted to be able to uplift women who are struggling with the realization of becoming a single parent. It can be a scary thing, especially if you feel like you’re all alone in this.” Says Jwaundace, who has managed to successfully balance motherhood and her demanding career.

With her new bundle of joy in tow, sporting “Stunt Runt” baby gear, Jwaundace has not skipped a beat. After her most difficult stunt ever of giving birth to Bryce Michael, she has popped right back into shape and is already back to work. She’s a constant overachiever with a drive to be the best at whatever she sets out to accomplish, Jwaundace is a force to be reckoned with. Being one of few black women in the stunt business can be demanding and often times challenging. However, nothing has been more challenging yet rewarding than being a single Mom. “Bryce keeps me on my toes and for the first time I know my purpose in life is to set a great example for my son and be the best person I can be.” Says Jwaundace who has remained focused and even more driven to succeed.  

Jwaundace’s has doubled for Academy Award winning actresses Mo’Nique (Precious), Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls) and Whoopi Goldberg as well as other top entertainers such as Tyra Banks and Queen Latifah who she worked with on four movies including “Bringing Down the House” which earned her an MTV nomination for “Best Fight.” Her most recent work include: Grown Ups with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James, Cold Case, The Cleaner and an upcoming film The Fields with Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


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