*Pretend for a moment that this is chess, iOS and Android are the Kings on their respective sides, the iPhone 4 and the Nexus One would the Knights that are protecting each of their thrones.

Really this is a battle between two of the most coveted devices in the industry. The nexus one which is already about 7 months old, and the iPhone 4 which is about 1 month old.

See, that’s the thing with technology, its hard to have comparisons because every 2 months or so there are new devices that are revealed that stomp the old devices. Let me just say that I wish Google would come out with a device that resembled the iPhone 4 (without the reception issues) in terms of body style but ran Android.

The Nexus One is kind of unique in that it’s the first and only phone to be distributed by Google directly, its given priority in receiving updates because it doesn’t have to go through the political bs of being branded by the carriers. It’s unique in that, with the latest updates, (FroYo 2.2 ) it now becomes a mobile hotspot, something that the carriers would sure lock down.  Most of us already pay for data, tethering it to our other devices would seem criminal, although other countries have this ability without being charged extra for it. It also offers faster performance than all the devices that currently run E-Clair aka Android 2.1.

In terms of of the screen, the iPhone wins hands down. I had a hard time seeing the Nexus One’s screen in the day time which was really aggravating when trying to use it. The iPhone’s retina display was crystal clear. Also typing on the Nexus One wasn’t as good as it was on the Iphone because it seemed as if the screen was plastic and wasn’t sturdy enough to accept frequent key presses. The iPhone’s screen is glass which provided a harder surface to type on.

The Nexus One has capacitive buttons for navigational purposes and also has a track ball that lights up when there is a notification. Like, most of the people that reviewed the Nexus, I too had issues with the capacitive buttons, having to tap on them several times before getting a response. I figured that this could be fixed with recent software update, however, it wasn’t. The phone also froze up with the screen becoming unresponsive at times.

The 4th iteration of the iPhone just has one button just like the previous versions but the button is used to handle multiple functions. Multi-tasking, Navigating to the Home Screen, and Voice control are all functions of the one button on the iPhone. The interface of the device is so smooth and polished while Android on the Nexus One seemed to be a little rough around the edges.

I’m at a cross roads. If Android came up with hardware that was as stylish as the iPhone 4, and iPhone drastically changed their concept of going in and out of an applications We’d have a clear winner, but as for this moment.

The Nexus One  wins for it’s operating system and iPhone wins for its stylish form factor.

Darryl Yates is the Gadget Guy. He loves helping people sync technology with life. He is freelance writer and a gadget enthusiast.He owns and operates Gadget Guy Consulting based in Atlanta Ga. Follow him www.twitter.com/gogogadgetguy