Cuban-Lebanese model Sagia Castaneda graces the cover of Flawless Beauties, the first 3-D swimsuit calendar presented by magazine Hip Hop Weekly.

*Hip Hop Weekly is set to release the first ever Flawless Beauties 3-D swimsuit calendar on July 20 , 2010. It is dated through August 2010 through July 2011.

The calendar will feature 12 of the most exotic and ethnic beauties from around the world, each donning a custom-made bikinis and bathing suits by FB Legacy, an American sportswear brand.

The calendar is paired with the magazine’s first annual Swimsuit & Summer Style Issue, which contains two different covers, one with hip hop star Kanye West’s former fling Amber Rose and the second with popular video model Tahiry. The package also contains 3-D glasses to enhance the experience of the calendar.

Amber Rose is featured on one of Hip Hop Weekly's 1st annual Swimsuit & Summer Style Issue.

Tahiry is on the second cover of Hip Hop Weekly's 1st annual Swimsuit & Summer Style Issue.

The Tahiry cover features the magazine’s branded “peek-a-boo” cover, which allows the reader to open a door attached to the front cover.

All photos were shot by Sito Barreo for Benhur Photography and Eduardo Valdes for OTB Photography on the sandy white beaches of Miami, set against shimmering skies.

All the ladies that are showcased have generated record clicks on the Internet, and are sought after by the most hottest artists to appear in their music videos, some of which include Drake, John Legend, Flo Rida, and T.I.

Hip Hop Weekly’s Chief Brand Officer Ray “Benzino” Scott and Publisher David Mays are thrilled about the new venture:

“After three and a half years of building a successful brand we are proud to branch out and present a calendar that showcases some of the most beautiful women in the world. We’re excited about this groundbreaking publishing package, and that we are able to bringing our readers innovative content and cutting-edge technology in the form of the first ever 3-D swimsuit calendar, and the branded ‘peek-a-boo’ magazine cover. Moving forward, we will continue to bring our audience the best there is to offer in every area of entertainment.”