*Usher recently talked about his past relationship with Chili on VH1’s “Behind the Music.” He said he found in Tameka what Chili didn’t want – marriage and a family.

“What I expected and wanted from her wasn’t what she could give me at the time,” Usher confirmed. “I actually talked about marriage and it didn’t work.”

While the two were together, it seemed that the TLC singer was not ready for a life of commitment. However, she recently divorced the father of her son, Dallas Austin. Seems like Chili’s last husband wasn’t ready when she wanted the family and kids.

“We just had differences and unfortunately because of baggage that we all carry it just didn’t work out,” said Usher. “It was a relationship that just happened before its time.”

Chili said that her life would be different if she and Usher met later in life. Perhaps they would be making love songs together.

As far as his relationship with Tameka, it started out good, but ended up falling apart.

“We started out working together. We built a bond that was very healthy,” says Usher. “I felt that she not only understood my world but understood how to be in it.”

Tameka and Usher are now divorced. Perhaps this leaves room for rekindling an old flame?