*Venus Williams is a winner of multiple tennis tournaments and is known the world over for her serve. Her only true competition is her own sister, Serena.  Every time she gets on the tennis court it’s obvious that she has Come To Win, which is the title of her new book. EURweb.com ran into Venus at an award ceremony for the YWCA and Job Corp in Los Angeles and she told us a little about the tome.

“It’s really about the lessons you learn in sports, how you can apply them in life and succeed,” said Williams. “A lot of great contributors. Each of them tell their story. Bill Clinton, Vera Wang, Denzel Washington, everyone from all different fields talk about how they credited the beginning of their success to being in sports.”

Williams was on hand at the event to accept the YWCA Phenomenal Woman of the Year Award. She tells our Lee Bailey what the award means to her.

“I am very excited about winning the award,” she said. “I was able to meet some of the Job Corps young people at my signing earlier today.  They’re sweet, they’re so sweet and I am really excited about seeing them today and also tomorrow at their graduation. It’s really exciting for me to give back to young people here because I’m from here.”

The Young Women’s Christian Association has provided guidance to young women from all walks of life for over a century.  They’re almost like a big sister to those that seek shelter from the storms that may befall their young lives. This is not lost on Williams. She tells EURweb.com that she will cherish the award, more than winning even.

“I am a big sister so a huge part of my life is being there for Serena. For me, to play tennis and to win titles was always my goal but I never knew what would come with it. And it’s actually more fulfilling than winning on the court. So, I’m really looking forward to being more involved with the YWCA.”

Not long ago the Williams’ sister purchased a minority stake in the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. So, being the consummate team player, you may already know what her thoughts are on the whole LeBron James fiasco fare. But the following quote is for those who don’t.  

“You can only play on one team.  So, unfortunately some teams didn’t get him and Miami is where I (live).  So, I can’t say that I’m displeased with the choice.  I hope we can win a championship.”

So there you have it.  Venus Williams: multiple Grand Slam title-holder, professional sports franchise stake holder, and winner of this year’s YWCA Phenomenal Woman of the Year Award.