*A lot of crazy things happen in show-biz, but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. 50 Cent has was performing on a stage in Brazil when a crazed fan bum-rushed the rapper.

The footage shows how the attacker briefly clutches the rapper before being tackled by security. The hit brings the crowd to a whole-nutha-level.

But that’s not all folks. The footage also shows a man in a white T get a few punches in on the attacker before getting hauled off stage. Various reports say the man was G-Unit member Lloyd Banks.

50 has seen a lot in his pre rapping days, so this particular thing didn’t phase him too much. After dusting himself off and recovering from the surprise of it all, he got back up there and finished his line. Looks like he needs more than a bullet proof vest.

(If you can handle the crappy sound and camera work,watch it below at about the 1:44 mark.)

On another note, his fans can expect some variety on his upcoming shows.

“Because of the technology, there’s no real mystique to your actual performance anymore. After the first show, that’s gonna be on YouTube.  So I have to keep changing the set so that it’s not the same show every night,” 50 told Cleveland.com. “I got so much material, I could actually perform for three hours straight, so it’s easier for me to make the decision to change music than a newer artist that doesn’t have that kind of catalog, where they can keep switching songs to play music that people are going to enjoy.”