*Stephen Colbert returned to his Comedy Central show fired up and ready vent about the treatment of Shirley Sherrod.

The satirical conservative attacked not only the right-wing pundits who called out-of-context snippets of Sherrod’s speech racist, but the Obama Administration for fearing them so much as to fire Sherrod without cause.

Underscoring CNN.com’s reference to Sherrod’s termination as “a teachable moment,” Colbert argued that the only thing taught was that “the administration is finally so scared of right-wing pundits, that it will take swift and decisive action on problems that have no basis in fact.”

Colbert then urged the administration to fire more people based on controversial soundbites he himself had uncovered. Using some not-so-subtle editing, he cut to a clip of Hillary Clinton calling for the murder of innocent people via the internet. “How long can Hilary Clinton keep her job after seeming to say this?”

Watch below.

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