Derek Thomas

*Uh oh, somebody’s in trouble now. It seems that a New Orleans area hospital took some extra ill advised measures with a guy who was there after being admitted for a possible suicide attempt. That “guy,” Derek Thomas, just happens to be the nephew of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Derek Thomas was allegedly beaten, had his hair pulled out and tased all because he refused to put on a hospital gown and said he wanted to leave the hospital. However, doctors at West Jefferson Hospital in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana ordered security to restrain him, and in doing so their actions  also caused him to suffer a “massive epileptic seizure,” according to family members.

Upon hearing the news about his nephew, Uncle Clarence Thomas made his way to New Orleans to see for himself what happen and take it from there. We think the folks at West Jefferson Hospital will be walking around with wet underwear knowing that they are (allegedly) responsible for mistreating the beloved relative of a US Supreme Court Justice.

Watch ABC26 video below for more: