*Elisabeth Hasselbeck appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” Thursday to do discuss the president’s appearance on “The View” broadcast earlier in the day.

The daytime show’s co-host was asked what she thought about President Obama’s response to her question regarding unemployment. (In his answer, the president corrected her on the jobs his administration has saved since the stimulus package and the private sector jobs gained in the last five months.)

Hasselbeck said she wasn’t convinced.

“I thought the answer was crafty, and I thought it sounded good, but it sounded as though someone was on their heels,” she told Hannity. [Scroll down to watch clip.]

Hannity began his broadcast by disagreeing with critics who have blasted Obama for visiting a daytime talk show.

“The show is a great show,” he said. “I thought this was a great choice for the president. …The more we see our president, I think, the better.”

“I do love the fact that the president came and I think that he should be speaking to our audience of women,” Hasselbeck said. “I think it harkens back to the Fireside Chats, that there should be an open dialogue there and I love that as well.”

Hasselbeck said she had a “great conversation with the president backstage” and “shared some moments” with Obama over parenting.

“I think sometimes as a Republican or a conservative, you get pinned as hating all aspects of anybody who’s on the other side, and I certainly don’t,” she said. “I can identify with Michelle as a mom. I had an incredible conversation with her on the phone…prior to the election. These are parents. They are, like us, wonderful citizens of this country. We just have differences in politics.”