*Lindsay Lohan has been a whirl of trouble in most of her young adult celebrity life. She recently was sentenced to three consecutive 30-day jail terms for breaking probation on two ’07 DUI convictions. Tisk, tisk.

So, her model grown up friend, Lil’ Kim lent some wisdom to troubled Lohan .

“Lindsay, she’s my friend, and I will be there for her and I will help her,” Kim said. “Actually, I’m supposed to see her tonight. I love you Linds! But I now one thing, I’m gonna help her, because she’s probably in disbelief right now, and anyone would be! When I got the verdict back for my situation I was in disbelief, but one thing that I always know is that God oversees, he’s the biggest judge, and he will make sure she’s alright, and I will make sure she’s alright, and she will be fine.”

Kim knows what she’s talking about. The re-rising Queen Bee served a year for conspiracy and perjury after refusing to cooperate with the law in a 2001 shooting. She also took time to share her thoughts about the unfair justice system.

“There’s a lot of bigger fish to be fried when it comes to the justice system,” Kim wisely commented. “I don’t want herto do that time, and I don’t feel like she deserves that time … If you’re not killing someone or doing something really drastic, really, to me, no one deserves to be judged. I think a lot of celebrities who have received prison time, I think the judges have been pretty harsh. I feel like my time was harsh. I mean, we as celebrities do a lot of good, but that doesn’t get looked upon.”

Oh woe is the celebrity. The justice system is sooo harsh. Perhaps Mothers Against Drunk Driving should have a sit down with Kim.

She had one more piece of advice to Lohan …

“One thing I want her to do after she comes out of there is evaluate everything in her life, ‘cause there’s a purpose, there is a purpose for this happening, and one she realizes the purpose for this happening, and once she realizes the purpose, she will be an even better person, trust me, than before she went in there.”

Maybe in her evaluation, Lohan should reconsider to whom she lends an ear.

Watch as Lil’ Kim discusses Lindsay Lohan: