*Was this hate-on-Michelle Obama week and we didn’t get the memo?

On at least two occasions, the First Lady was singled out by the right wing in spectacularly petty fashion – first by guest co-host Laura Ingraham on “The View,” because Mrs. Obama has the nerve to push healthy eating to our nation’s children; and then Thursday by Fox’s Glenn Beck, who was “outraged” by the ensemble FLOTUS wore to tour the oil spill.

On Wednesday’s “View,” after Whoopi Goldberg went off about being attacked over her Mel Gibson comments, Ingraham began plugging her new book “The Obama Diaries,” a collection of fake satirical diary entries by and criticizing President Obama, his family (including his mother-in-law) and officials in his administration.

Ingraham joked that she found these diaries on the hood of her car while it was parked at the Watergate complex in Washington.

“I started looking through these diaries and I’m like, oh my gosh, this is amazing,” she said on The View. “…Michelle Obama describing the vegetable garden as her big political rollout. In fact she says, ‘She’s gonna be a toned and tall Mother Teresa with a rake.’”


Ingraham then had to describe the joke, saying Michelle “considers herself to now be a fitness and health expert, and she’s gonna take this thing all the way perhaps to higher political office. So these diaries kinda lay it out…”

More crickets.

Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck looked at Laura like she was crazy. She joined co-hosts Whoopi, Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar in defending Michelle Obama, and pointing out that other First Ladies took up causes.

On Thursday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Glenn Beck ranted about Mrs. Obama’s oil spill outfit – a white top with black splotch designs (which he says resembles oil) and white capris. [See photos above.]

Surprisingly, O’Reilly not only laughed at Beck’s “outrage” over the outfit, but pulled an Elisabeth and equally mocked Laura Ingraham, who came on his show the day before and called Michelle Obama’s garden a “left-wing plot.” (Get it?)


Watch all of this mess below.  (Laura Ingraham’s book plug begins at 12:00.)

Posted to New York Magazine by video on July 15, 2010
Beck’s “outrage” continued on his radio show.