Rosie Perez is wheeled into the East Room of the White House for President Obama's speech on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy - July 13, 2010.

*Rosie Perez is showing off the neck scar she suffered as a result of a particularly violent 2009 guest appearance on NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU.”

Last week, the actress-dancer showed up to a White House event in a wheelchair, explaining to a baffled President Obama that she was suffering from a TV stunt gone wrong.

“Don’t you know they have professionals for that?” the president quipped.

Perez quickly explained that she likes to do her own stunts. The president laughed and said, “Obviously, you’re not that good at it.”

Turns out Perez was recovering from a bone marrow procedure and neck surgery after she was shaken a little too hard by a co-star during her appearance on the crime show and suffered both a slipped disk and bulging disk. [Watch a 2-minute replay of Rosie’s “SVU” episode below.]

She spent a painful year searching for alternatives to surgery before  finally agreeing to the operation.

On Friday’s episode of “Entertainment Tonight,” she removed her neck brace to reveal the gash left from her surgical procedure. [Watch below.]

“I got my neck cut… and I got my pelvis bone cracked open and they (surgeons) scraped bone marrow out and put it into my neck,” she explained. “[The scar] is gonna heal and everything is gonna be OK.”

Although she fears there are certain things she won’t be able to do again.

She tells the news show: “(I ask) ‘What’s gonna happen? Am I ever gonna be able to dance again – because I love dancing, especially on Broadway. How am I gonna look with a scar in front of my neck?'”