*Ciara has said that the decision by MTV to avoid her new music video during the day is “unfortunate.”

*The promo clip for current single “Ride” takes dirty dancing to new heights – with footage of her writhing and booty-popping mixed in with slow motion clips of the singer on a mechanical bull.

Speaking about the MTV ban, Ciara told Metro: “It’s unfortunate because I’m very proud of the video. I have to accept their decision to only show it after 9 p.m.

“I had a feeling maybe they’d want to edit some bits here and there but it definitely came as a surprise when a different channel in the US banned it outright.”

Regarding the bull-riding scene: “It was fun. I held on okay but it gets a little bit painful after you do it four or five times.”

Asked what the single is about, Ciara replied: “It’s about riding hard for your man’s love.”