Sheyla Hershey

*We’re not surprised to hear it, but a Texas woman, Sheyla Hershey, said to have the world’s largest breasts is dealing with some serious health issues.

Fox News says that Hershey contracted a staph infection during her most recent breast implant surgery. The infection has now spread to both breasts and doctors sent her into surgery Tuesday morning. Her implants will be removed and possibly her real breasts, the network reports.

Hershey, originally from Brazil, has staph infections in both of her 38KKK breasts. Although she compared her plastic surgery addiction to body building (she’s gone under the knife 30 times!) and said she is tired of others’ negative attitudes, she confessed that she does wish she could go back in time.

“I realize that after this problem I’m going through, it wasn’t worth it,” Sheyla reluctantly admits.