Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

*Alicia Keys recently sat down with U.K. magazine “Fabulous” and had a candid conversation about her life, her love, and her career. But when she was asked about her fiance’s ex-wife, Mashonda, she abruptly brought that conversation to a detour.

Alicia shook her head and said:

“Oprah Winfrey is the wisest woman I know. She’s like my big, clever, older sister. A while ago she gave me one piece of advice, which was to never get drawn into talking about that sort of thing. All I know is that right now my life is really, really good.”

Hmm, what did Oprah say?

At this point, it may not matter. Alicia is happy, in love, and ready to be a mommy.

“Oh yes I am very much in love,” she told the magazine. “Right now love is my main inspiration. Love is the one thing we all want in our lives and I am completely surrounded by it. Love fills you up in a way nothing else can and it’s the most amazing, amazing thing.”


Mashonda & Swizz Beatz