*Wyclef Jean says he hasn’t made a definite decision about running for president in his native Haiti, but he took a huge step toward making a bid for higher office on Thursday.

Jean, who said he is qualified to run for Haiti’s highest office, was in Haiti to work with lawyers and have his fingerprints taken by the judicial police as part of the legal process of preparing to run for president, according to Reuters.

“I basically come out to Haiti today because it was important that I do my fingerprints,” Jean told Reuters as he left the Port-au-Prince international airport for the US on Thursday.

“There are a lot of rumors that I am running for president. I have not declared that,” said Jean, 37. “If we decide to move forward, I am pretty sure that we have all our paperwork straight.”

Haiti, which was ravaged on January 12 by a deadly 7.0-magnitude earthquake, is scheduled to vote on Nov. 28 to elect a new leader to replace President Rene Preval, whose term ends in February. The deadline for candidates to register is August 7.

Jean said he will take his decision with his wife Claudinette and their daughter Angelina. “As a family, we must decide on what we’re going to do because it is a big sacrifice,” he said.

Sources close to the singer told Reuters Jean will officially announce his candidacy next week on CNN before flying back to Haiti to enter the race. When asked by Reuters about such plans, Jean did not confirm or deny the preparations.