Nita Hanson

*The woman who was criticized for being too “sensitive” by “Dr.” Laura spoke out on CNN saying she the fake doctor wasn’t really sorry for what she did. Instead, she was only doing it for political correctness sake. Perhaps her publicist gave her the advice.

Nita Hanson told CNN’s T.J. Holmes about the experience. (Click here to watch)

“After speaking with Dr. Laura, I was so confused, I was hurt,” she said. “I didn’t want to turn this into a racial thing. I just wanted some advice on my relationship.”

Dr. Laura gave a statement to CNN, apologizing to Hanson, but Hanson wasn’t ready to accept any apology (also, she noted Dr. Laura hadn’t reached out to her specifically). “I called for help and there’s nothing she can say to me at this point,” said Hanson, later saying she thinks “she apologized because she got caught.” (more…)