Craig Williams and Richard Bennett

*When 28 year old Marine Richard Bennett returned to the states he was severely injured yet eager to return to the battlefield.  Unfortunately due to his injuries he would not return to Iraq instead he would hold down an hourly wage security job at Penn State.  

There within the unfettered and ambitious veteran was a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened by business man and second generation contractor Craig T. Williams, the CEO of Pride Enterprises in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  

The passage of President Obama’s 2009 American Investment and Recovery Act birthed a golden opportunity for partnership and within a year Williams and Bennett formed Fidelis Design & Construction, a multi-million dollar federal building contracting firm.

Craig Williams is a graduate of Syracuse University who had already flourished for twenty years in the construction industry, thanks to the tutelage of his father’s company R. I. Williams & Associates.  So far he has landed contracting valued at over $14.6 million with clients including The US Departments of the Interior, Defense and Veteran Affairs, The United States Army, The Navy and National Guard as well as The General Service Administration.  The savvy Mr. Williams learned of Richard Bennett’s story in The Philadelphia Weekly.  The CEO was impressed by Bennett’s zest for service and his admission of a love for building.  What came next was a life altering mentorship and a new position for Bennett as President of Fidelis Design & Construction.  

Williams speaks of his decision to go the distance; “I wanted to establish an opportunity for a young war hero to thrive as a result of his passion for construction coupled with his desire to work on behalf of the country he proudly served while simultaneously allowing the synergy of this explosive business venture to enhance his life.”

Through the Williams/Bennett partnership the team was able to tap into the $275
billion dollars in stimulus funds that were earmarked for contracts, grants and loans.  
The Fidelis owners successfully bid on and won multiple government contracts totaling over $10 million since they began in May 2009.

Their venture provides jobs, the consummate example of mentorship and a heart warming resolution for a vet who is now winning the economic war back here at home.  

Craig Williams and Richard Bennett have been cited by CNN and they were invited to the White House as brilliant examples of the Recovery Act at work.


About Fidelis Design and Construction

Fidelis Design and Construction is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned company established in May 2009, by construction oracle Craig Williams and former war veteran Richard Bennett. The company is a state of the art, general construction and management firm that capitalizes on socio economic and veteran government initiatives. Currently Fidelis holds over $10 million in active government contracts with sites running along the northeast corridor. With a strong sense of American pride and client loyalty, Fidelis acquired its name from the U.S. Marine Corps motto “Semper Fidelis”, which is Latin for “Always Faithful”.

About Pride Enterprises

Incorporated by CEO Craig Williams in 1996, Pride Enterprises operates as a construction building, consulting and management firm that primarily focuses on renovation and retrofit projects. The award-winning firm has a proven track record of success and has acquired an impressive list of clients including: the U.S. Departments of the Interior, Defense and Veteran Affairs, United States Army, Navy and National Guard, and the General Service Administration. PEI currently holds 17 active projects with a total contract value of over 14.6 million dollars.