*Producers for the upcoming ABC police drama “Detroit 1-8-7” have announced that show’s title – police code in California for homicide – will not change despite requests made by local community leaders.

“1-8-7 is another way to say homicide,” Executive producer Jason Richman said Sunday. “We think it’s cool and represents the visual identity of the show. It’s just kind of a pop culture reference. It wasn’t meant to mirror the radio codes of Detroit. It’s a crime show, and we’re sticking to the title.”

Richmond also stated he wants Detroit-born rap star Eminem to appear on the show.

“I would love it [if he appeared],” Richman told Vulture. “He’s a great actor, and he’s a good representative for the city. I’d love for him to be involved in any way possible.”

The producer explained that he had already “reached out” to Eminem in the hope of using his music on the show.

“Detroit 1-8-7” – which stars former “Sopranos” actor Michael Imperioli – will premiere Sept. 21 on ABC – but with a few changes since we last reported on the series. Producers have ditched the documentary-style filmmaking the series initially used. Producers said they’re re-shooting about five scenes or 15 percent of the pilot.

The decision to do so was made in part because of the accidental shooting death of Aiyanna Stanley-Jones, the 7-year-old girl who died during a Detroit Police raid in May.

A camera crew from A&E’s “The First 48” was shadowing officers at the time. Since then, camera crews have been banned from following officers, and producers said they wanted to be sensitive to the city’s reality.

“That was pretty real and pretty scary stuff and the city was very concerned about that,” Richman said. “We were sensitive to their concerns. It was a huge, huge story that traumatized the city.”