The Full Moon on the 24th impacts your work arena, whether you are an entrepreneur, or a schlepper like the rest of us. I think it’s the first, as Aries rarely follows anyone. Whichever, you are now focused on sacrificing your ego for the bigger picture. A wise choice, as you will be the center of attention from late evening of the 26th to all of the 28th. As the forecast ends, you will be wearing  a positive financial smile.

You are extra cautious, but needn’t be so. Natural forces are smoothing earthiness with an abundance of practicality. Thus, you are well ahead of your contemporaries in terms of planning for the future. Although you may have a bit of insomnia over a creative endeavor on the 26th through the 28th, you will rest better taking the reins on the 29th and 30, when you are in touch with your inner self.

The home environment occupies your forecast. You’ll get an accurate picture of just what it is right off the bat on the 24th, with the Full Moon in Pisces illuminating both your career and how you run things at home. With the Sun currently in Virgo, there is a good chance that just such people in your life are pulling the strings. Think fast, especially over the weekend, but stick to your guns on the 29th and 30th.

Yes, you are now embroiled in pushing your project to completion, and you will. But steady pacing always wins over rushing. You will hear lots of criticism in the coming weeks, mainly because you are compelled to speak your mind. Stand your ground, as you have facts galore at your fingertips. Control impulses over the weekend, but you will be more controlled by the end of this forecast!

Examine your finances, and don’t skimp on the details! There are hidden mistakes, and you need to know exactly where the money is leaking. Ideas flow freely on the 26th, a day to avoid overspending at all costs. Your input on the 27th is anchored in solid reasoning, and may lead to concrete results on the29th and 30th. Hold your temper on the 28th, when a love acquaintance pushes your buttons.

The lovely Full Moon in your opposite sign of Pisces on the 24th both strengthens and enervates you. Yes, that may be dichotomous, but it’s the latent effect of juggling events that recently shook your core. You want to visit the past, and it’s all well and good, but you are needed in the here and now. With your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde in your sign, do yourself a favor and go over ALL your life, twice, to avoid errors.

If you’re feeling a bit scattered and unreliable, apply yourself even harder to make sure others do not misunderstand your intentions. I empathize with you this period, as planetary aspects are in an uproar all around you. You receive support for your comportment, but the tumult is seen as wearing you out on the inside. Hold your tongue on the 27th, a day that truly calls for restraint for all Libras.

Hopes and wishes are granted on the Full Moon day of the 24th. Is that all there is, you may ask? Why would you ever question the cosmos, when you are in control all along? Deep thoughts come from people with deep convictions, and that should be your mantra. Come to grips with the public on the 29th and 30th, when you are asked your opinion; it is valued more than you think.

Much like Gemini, your opposite sign, home life is highlighted. You just happen to be more sensitive to impersonal vibes you’ve been receiving lately from your significant other. Shake it off and listen, rather than try to extrapolate every nuance of a conversation. A good day to come to a resolution is the 27th. By the way, you are rock-solid right about yet another nagging problem at work on the 29th and 30th.

The one sign that seems to be in a positive groove – other than Virgo – is your sign. By being an Earth sign, ala Virgo (which is hosting the Sun right now), vibes are generated that are grounded in logic and complete understanding of the inner workings of an organization or system. Use that cosmic energy to unleash your inner boss. Others will respect your insights and futuristic practicality.

The morning of the first day of this forecast (24th) is full of new revelations and insights. Thank the Full Moon, but also thank your visionary approach to life. Are things really new, or is it that you can now breathe a sigh of relief that a burden has been lifted? By the 27th, understanding of the entire situation unfolds, giving you the impetus to move forward on a shaky financial situation.

Your forecast starts with the beautiful Full Moon in your sign, of course, opposite the Sun in Virgo on the 24th. Get out and experience the world, and let the world experience you. Psychic abilities are at an all-time high that day, also. The week finds you engrossed in financial situations that should reach a head on the 27th, but then you are able to communicate – quite succinctly and firmly – on the 29th and 30th.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Dave Chappelle – Born August 24, 1973

Born with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Cancer, Dave Chappelle brings a studied sensitivity and uncanny insight that taps into the very psyche of American comedy.

We all know that comedy comes from dark places, but Dave Chappelle’s unique brand of humor is vintage in-your-face ideology, with a brazen dose of comic reality.

With Mercury in flamboyant Leo, Dave Chappelle thinks big, over the top and always with a winking eye toward the camera, as if he knows secrets and slyly, hilariously will pull them out of his trick bag to make you laugh. Venus in Libra (its ruling sign), joins with Uranus and Pluto to seek the unusual in creativity, as well as in love, upsetting the apple cart by blending quite beautifully with imaginative Neptune in Sagittarius.

With Neptune, in such a sign, there is an attempt to bring a touch of philosophy to his hilarious tales. And, indeed, Chappelle purposefully goes into lengthy discourse to lay the groundwork for his ingenious stories on the now-defunct (but still hugely popular) “Chappelle Show.”

Jupiter in Aquarius guarantees immense popularity, as Aquarius plays a prominent role in America’s July 4, 1776 birth chart. Jupiter also energizes Dave’s Mars in Taurus, sometimes on the negative, as Mars is not quite comfortable in this particular sign: Intent to twist the dagger to express a point comically is always in the back of his mind. Saturn in Cancer, another seemingly unpleasant planetary placement, ala previously mentioned Mars, joins the Moon in its ruling sign, making Dave Chappelle a seriously moody person. But this is also a focused man; one who has put plenty of thought into whatever he does, and channels that energy positively into a discourse on race in America. So, Dave Chappelle’s astrological chart offers a delicate balance of planets in their ruling signs (Moon, Venus) and others in their fall – or weakened – signs (Saturn, Mars). His strength is that uncanny insight into the mind of America. Listen up and laugh!