Higer learning dominates your thoughts. This is a good path to go down this forecast period, as your mind is now curious about any and all that will expand your reach beyond your close circle of friends. Make your choice for your career path over the first several days, and then weigh the pros and cons of your decision by the weekend. You’ll be deeply committed to an important project by the 16th.


Steady commitments are your goal. You don’t like to flit from project to project without a suitable conclusion. You will have to balance your life more than you think, so be ready to make your decision on your life path on the 12th and 13th, but the bet here is that you are contemplating a deep decision to settle down permanently. The weekend offers outreach to that special someone. Go for it.


With home life being your focus from the 10th through a large portion of the 12th, make sure the paperwork is in order and that you are well-organized. By late evening of the 14th, your concentration will astound you and your mate, but don’t let the sting of a Scorpio Moon on that date plunge too deeply, as your razor-sharp wit may not be interpreted as you intended.   


The beginning of your forecast period finds you delving into details more deeply than you previously intended. Assistance is needed to navigate through the maze of information that is bombarding you, but don’t fret too much, as your home life steadies any anxiety you may be facing. The weekend is a time for healing of any wounds you need  to address. Energy should rise toward the end of this period.


Scrutiny is your mantra, as you need to pay closer attention to things that should be gone over with a fine-tooth comb, especially from the 10th through the 12th. Communications the following two days are critical to really drive your point across. By the end of this forecast, be prepared for exciting stimulus that should be forthcoming from a very sensual source.


Introspection is in order toward the late evening of the 10th, and you will have to bring your “A” game on the 11th, when the Moon in your sign that day joins with your ruler – Mercury – that will aid you in getting the facts down correctly. The 12th is a particularly busy day as you balance the books in an effort to see where – and how – more money can be earned.


An unusually active forecast period is in store for Libra. First, you are about to undertake a major project that needs your special touch for keeping the peace. Then you will see that you are the only person with sensible answers, particularly on the 12th through the latter part of the14th. Use the weekend for contemplation, but don’t hold back on the truth by the 16th.


While everyone else is looking for the right path to take, you already know exactly where you are headed. You paid attention to the minutia that most ignored, and you will now receive a positive payback by the very end of this forecast. Look for signs of trouble in your love life on the 13th.


Your innate drive for the truth in all things gets a jump start from the 1th through the 12th, so long as you pay particular attention to what got you so high on the job totem pole. You are generous to a fault, to begin with, but you need to scale back, which you can do over the weekend, when you focus on matters that trouble your mind. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!


If your plans concern – well – plans, you are in a power position at the beginning of this forecast, when your administrative and organizational skills come forth effortlessly. A shift in your career direction will be revealed on the 13th, as favorable aspects drive you to take the initiative, with positive results virtually guaranteed.


The 12th and 13th are days that are perfect for exchanging ideas and plans with others. You discover a balancing act you never thought you had. If you need a career move, you will do so with conviction on the 14th and 15th, days when you are encouraged to move into new territories that will reveal another’s true intentions. You need to light a fire under that person, or else sink into a malaise that is not your style.


Your forecast starts with you out and about, dispensing invaluable advice to others. They marvel at your insights, but are not fully aware of your powers, many of which will be on full display over the weekend. It is suggested that you open up on the 16th, as you reveal a skill that invokes admiration among your peers. Soak it is, because the weeks ahead will be much like the experience you go through from the 10th to the 12th.

Celebrity Birthday: Anthony Anderson – Born August 15, 1970
Born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Capricorn, Anthony Anderson would have thrived in a political atmosphere even more treacherous than acting.

If anything, Mr. Anderson is perhaps too sincere in his career ambitions, as this aspect/combination bestows an innate understanding of power structures in any corporate environment.  

Mercury in Virgo, combined with a strong aspect to his Moon, practically brings forth a fully-grown mind, well advanced for whatever age he is (40 on the 15th). Venus in Libra allows him to get his point across without ruffling others’ feathers.

As a matter of fact, this is the perfect diplomat’s aspect and, coupled with Mars in Leo, Mr. Anderson will not be denied a place at the table. However, with Uranus also in Libra, Mr. Anderson will not be settling down anytime soon, and is prone to rather unusual love relationships.

Jupiter in Aquarius is opposite his Sun and Mars, a perfect underscore that brings immense favor from the public, as well as a very jovial atmosphere wherever he goes. Saturn in Taurus virtually symbolizes and guarantees wealth and comfort, and a driving commitment to accruing all the luxuries that life has to offer.

And if one needs more evidence about how Mr. Anderson is as stubborn as a rock, Neptune in Scorpio assures the public that Anthony Anderson will be around for quite some time, as his life force is rooted solidly in maintaining whatever position he now hold well into the future.