A tug of war of gargantuan proportions is raging between you and the public, particularly on the 3rd. But don’t take the term “war” the wrong way. It’s a sudden explosion of attention from others, who finally notice that “je ne se quoi” you always knew you had  – but with little response until now. You’ll see positive results on the 6th, when a new love stands before you.


With the Moon in your sign on the 3rd kick-starting your forecast on a positive note, use that day for introspection on what’s been holding you back. It looks like the work arena is of particular interest, and it may just enlighten you to what the real deal is. It can be summed up in one word: Diversification! You’ve been stuck in a rut and an exciting opportunity – maybe two – offer you more than you thought.


The 4th through the 6th are days in which Gemini is the center of attention. You stand your ground, thanks to positive aspects that have your thoughts and opinions flowing far easier than normal. It’s about impulse and patience, all of which points to the New Moon on the 9th to kick off an ambitious project that has your fingerprints all over it.


Career advancement means more work, but plenty of cash. Track down the reasons for your apathy to self-promotion and get the word out about your outstanding talents. You have all weekend to attend to business, but be sure to really be real with yourself. The long-term benefits of this will be in evidence on the 9th, when a New Moon offers you an anchor to base your dreams upon.


You are still the center of attention, so soak up the spotlight and give your audience what it wants – a show of superior talent and drive. All the hopes and wishes you want to accomplish need focus, so shake that scattered feeling from the 4th through the 6th, days when you can see the landscape and can pick and choose which project needs your special touch. The New Moon 9th is the day to kick the project off.


Your mind is clear on the 9th, when you know where you are headed.  Before then, you’ll have plenty of time to sort out what interests you the most. Get a feel for your direction over the weekend. You’ll get a hint on the 6th, a super busy day, but one which has your stamp all over it. Overall, the 3rd sparks a generation of energy that you have been missing for some time, but are ready to put to full use.


How was the last forecast for Libra? FYI: You are now the beneficiary of focus and self-purpose. Use the energy to move forward toward your goals. Impressions should now be paid attention to, mostly from the 6th through the 8th, when celestial aspects aid you in putting your best foot forward. You are the king/queen on the 9th, but use your wisdom for the benefit of many.


Introspection is called for, and you are feeling that you may not have been pulling your weight lately.  In reality, you are doing far more than you give yourself credit. Truth be told, you should be basking in all sorts of career areas, but the weekend finds you wrestling with a nagging problem. Use your trusty vibe antenna to choose the path that gives you power and position. Your judgment is razor-sharp now.


The 4th through the 6th find you in the public’s eye, so you had better spread your knowledge far and wide. That’s usually not a problem with the philosophical – but fun-loving – Sagittarius. There are tell-tale signs that your goals are within reach, if you can convince others that yours is the path for the most benefit. It all becomes clear on the 9th, a day when travel brings you closer to a loved one.


You are beloved in the workplace on the 6th, an environment that you are comfortable in, even if it was an office of one. But, your folksy way comes through wonderfully, and you will see the results from the public on the 9th, when a new venture fits your plans so well, you’re willing to throw all caution to the wind. By the way, those travel plans you formulated on the 3rd are just what the doctor ordered.


Home life is good, but there are so many ways to improve your goals without shaking everyone around you. There is not a lot going on that don’t have your fingerprints, but pay attention to the4th though the 6th, when you see how others react under pressure – pressure he/she doesn’t know you’re applying. By the New Moon on the 9th, you will see how the test went.


If you are feeling a bit scattered, especially on the4th, don’t blame others. You are not digging in to reap the rewards you slaved for. Concentrate on one thing – and one thing only – by the New Moon on the 9th. You’ll get an assist over the weekend from a compassionate friend/lover, who seems to sense your stress level is not the calm spot on a rocky sea.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Barack Obama, US President – Born August 4, 1961

Born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Gemini, our 44th president has exhibited – in his six years in the public eye – a way with commanding any size audience.

This aspect constantly feeds Obama instant information in any conversation, so to try to debate him, a warning: one does so at his/her own risk. Add Mars in detail-oriented Virgo, and we find that President Obama obsesses over every aspect of his life, and has them all down cold; not resting until they are covered.

This is fortified by an extremely favorable angle of Mars to Saturn in Capricorn, the zodiac sign where this planet of heavy-duty responsibility is at its greatest strength. Thus, Obama has a built-in ability to simply outwork anyone around him. Mercury, the planet that governs how we communicate, is in showy Leo, in direct opposition to expansive – but retrograde – Jupiter in Aquarius.

In other words, when Obama speaks, he reaches a huge, usually favorable, audience. However, with Jupiter retrograde (an apparent backward motion from an earthly point of view), Obama will reach into the past to draw up connections to his points. Venus in Cancer reveals a very comfortable and nurturing upbringing.

The planet of love also favorably angles Neptune in Scorpio. Scorpio is known as the most persuasive sign in the zodiac, so to have Venus working hand in hand with dreamy Neptune, it’s no surprise that Obama has a solid grip on everyone’s attention, no matter the scenario.