*When you think of black business periodicals, it’s almost impossible not the think of Black Enterprise. One reason is because they’ve been around as the leading chronicler of black business since 1970.

If our math is correct that means somebody is getting ready to celebrate 40 years of being in business.

Interestingly a press release received by EUR says that the “nation’s premier business and wealth building resource for African Americans today announced elements that will form the brand’s 40th anniversary celebration.”

Hmmm, looks like we called it because starting with the August 40th Anniversary collector’s edition of Black Enterprise, the magazine will roll out a series of editorial features, live events, new products, and “promotions that will showcase the excitement behind and relevance of the brand that has become the singular voice of voice of black business success,” as they proudly put it.  

But how did it happen? As we said, they began back in 1970.

Earl Graves Sr.

“I saw an opportunity to build a successful venture with the potential to serve the broader interests of African Americans,” says Founder & Chairman Earl G. Graves Sr.  “We got some pretty big doors shut in our faces, but we persevered and opened those doors.  In doing so, we didn’t just document the rise of the African American business success, we became the uplifting force driving that ascent, showing our readers what could be done and giving them the tools to achieve it.”  

This month, with the publication of its 40th Anniversary issue, Black Enterprise takes that mission forward with Wealth for Life, an initiative to uplift African Americans by building on the cornerstones of economic empowerment: education, equity, enterprise and excellence.  

“Make no mistake-the wealth chasm between African Americans and the majority is no mere perception, it is a stark reality,” says President & CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr.  “Given the recent economic crisis, our mission to educate and empower has never been more vital.  We’ve made Wealth for Life the tagline that will drive everything we do throughout Black Enterprise.  From our signature magazine, upcoming iPad edition, revitalized website, syndicated television broadcasts, and exclusive business conferences, our Wealth for Life mission will encourage and inspire our community to make ever greater strides in the decades to come.”   

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