Jordan Miles

*In Pittsburgh, a black teen who attended the city’s performing arts high school claims three white Pittsburgh police officers wrongfully assumed he was involved with drugs when they beat him, then allegedly conspired to file false charges against him and concoct a cover story for their actions, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday.

Jordan Miles said he had his face pushed into the snow and his gums impaled on a piece of wood, as officers kicked and punched him Jan. 12, a day after his 18th birthday.

Thinking he was being kidnapped by the plainclothes officers, who set upon him saying, “Where’s your money? Where’s the drugs? Where’s the gun?” Miles recited “The Lord’s Prayer,” prompting police to twice choke him and slam his face into the snowy ground, the lawsuit said.

Miles’ allegations were reviewed by the FBI and remain under investigation by the civil rights division of the Justice Department, spokeswoman Xochitl (ZOH’-shee) Hinojosa said Monday.

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