*Sometimes you just wonder where a good, independent woman could go wrong. Well, its when she gets a man who still decides to cheat on her even when she’s bringing home the bacon. A study conducted by Cornell University gave the rundown as to why men cheat on women who make more money than them.

Here is what the Telegraph (London) reports:
Why do lower-earning men cheat more? (my answer: because their women are at work while they’re sitting their behind on the couch somewhere waiting for her to come home) It’s most likely an “attempt to compensate for feelings of inadequacy” due to the loss of the traditionally male “breadwinner” status, says study author Christin Munch. As evidence, Munch points to an especially high rate of infidelity among Latino men whose wives or live-in girlfriends earn more. She speculates that the effect is pronounced in this demographic group because being the breadwinner is “one of the defining features of Hispanic masculinity.”

Who else is more likely to cheat? (more…)